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Reflection Tint is one of the fastest growing auto window tinting companies in Daytona Beach. If you’re looking for the tint company that cares about customers and strives to meet the highest standards for window tinting – you just found it! At RT, we don’t think second place is anything to write home about and frankly who wants to be second in Daytona Beach? Not this Guy. Our goal is to prove we can do the job better than any other tint company in the area. In order to do that, we take a forward-thinking approach and perform every tint job as if we were tinting a show vehicle.

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We specialize in Automotive Window Tinting On Site, But we will be opening a location soon!

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Tinting this Jeep Was...

I have always had a soft spot for Jeeps. I love them, even as a kid I was always faciated by them because I would dream about going anywhere you want to go. Way back in the woods or up to the top of a mountain where no one had ever been before, and no one could find you. It’s like you were hiding, the mystic was strong. It’s kind of that way with window tint, you don’t know who’s behind it kind of like they’re hiding. It’ so cool to have your windows tinted by Reflection Tint.

Your Auto Tint is very Important

We know your auto tint is important to you and it’s just as important to us. Don’t take a chance on just anyone for you auto accessory needs. Hire the best and then kick back and stop worrying about the job you’re going to get because we have the best guys in the business.

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7 Tips for Choosing Your New Window Tinting Job [Options]

Custom car window tinting in Daytona Beach Fl is all about the look and feel of your car or truck. Getting your car tinted adds a certain feel and just a great Ambiance to any car. It gives your car a certain distinction and sets you apart from any other car that has no window tint or just the same old tint that comes from the factory. Helps give you a little privacy and also helps with driving when the sun is coming at you from some weird angle. Tinted cars experience a lot less wear and tear on the interior of your car, like cracking, fading and other problems that come from the power of the sun.

1 Check Out All the Tinting Options

The first step is to look over all the options before making a auto tint decision so you know exactly what tinting option is best for you and your family. Reflection Tint can help you by showing you all of the cutting edge types of window tint that are available today. We stay up on the latest improvements in window tinting, like the newest ceramic tint and multi layered tint jobs.

2 Top of the Line Tints vs. Average Tints

This choice is a no brainer to me, I want the best of the best when it comes to my car but your choice may just come down to the budget and/or usage of your vehicle. The exceptional quality of the premium tints are that they are longer lasting, more appealing to look at and generally do a better all around job than lower quality tints.

3 Should You Buy UV Reflecting Window Tints?

It is believed to be unhealthy by a lot of people that exposing your skin to UV radiation for extended periods can be harmful, whether you by into that or not is up to you, but the fact is that it can make you wrinkly when you get old. Lol

Still all joking aside, UV window tinting for cars helps you keep up to 99% of UV rays from coming into your car and can help with the oven effect or greenhouse effect the sun baking through the windows can have on the temperature inside of your car.

4 What Do Florida State Window Tinting Laws Effect?

Every state has it’s quirky state laws when it comes to auto window tinting. I don’t agree with most of them but that’s a topic for my blog or some other platform. The sad reality is that we have to abide by state laws even if we don’t agree or think they’re stupid. The bottom line is you don’t want the cops harassing you because you have tinted windows on your vehicle. These laws are always changing to learn more info go to Florida State Window Tint Laws.

5 Should Your Window Tinting Be Done By a Pro?

Have you ever considered do it yourself window tinting? I remember driving down the road seeing some guys window tint with bubbles in it that were obvious from a 100 feet away. There are a few reasons for this but the main one is he didn’t remove the backing from the window tint before applying it to the window. Anyone can try to do it themselves but if you want to bring out that unique elegance that it brings to your car, then go ahead and hire Reflection Tint. It’s definitely worth the extra money and we can buy tinting film that’s not sold to the general public. You will love the look of your car, I guarantee it.

6 Know Where to Tint and Where Not to Tint

I don’t know about you but I like window tint. I like it so much I want it every place I can get it on my car. You need to have a little restraint here and I know it’s hard because window tint just looks so darn good and makes your car the coolest one around and I get that but you can’t just go around putting tint on everything. I have had requests for tint to be put on mirrors and although it may be helpful when that car has the brights on behind you, it can make it very hard to see under certain lighting conditions. Ok now we get to the windshield, I love windshield tint and I think it looks MFin’ great but it’s not legal in Daytona Beach Florida. I’m not sure it’s legal in any state in the United States but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it.

7 How Do I Maintain My Window Tint?

There are a few things you need to know right away and they start the minute you drive away from Reflection Tint. You can’t roll the windows down for the next few days, I recommend 3 days. If you do, it could affect how well the the outer edge of your tint bonds to the glass and it could tear or pull loose any parts that aren’t’ completely dry yet. After we apply your tint the window is cleaned by the installer. When you do start cleaning I recommend using a super soft cloth to clean your windows with and a very mild cleaning solution. We will give you detailed instructions to take home with you at the time of the install.

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